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August 2008

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EFA Premiership


1st (Season 12)


Matt Bunn


The Anchor




Portsmouth, England

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The club started with modest expectations, signing a rag-tag bunch of players based mostly on their attributes. The side was initially built around the brilliance of young midfielder Leandro Lima, but soon more stars started to arrive on the scene. Nedum Onouha, Guilherme and Martin Caceres all arrived as unproven youngsters in the first season, going on to establish themselves as gameworld stars and Beaulieu FC legends. Over the seasons more stars emerged as the club really emerged as a world force in the 4th season, going on to win the All Evening Premiership 5 times in 8 seasons. The club also reached the highest peak of FML football by winning the Gold Cup, first through an extra-time Mats Hummels header in season 6, then through an inspired performance by Carlos Vela in season 8. The club has always had an attacking policy, with the focus around getting as much attacking talent on the pitch as possible! This has been reflected by the galazy of attacking stars to have played for the club since it's inception. Fans of the current side consider Mario Balotelli to be the greatest player to have ever pulled on the shirt, with the prollific Italian striker firing the side to success in many a domestic competition.

Current sideEdit

GK - Denis Gorbachev* (26 Years)

DR - Matteo Longobardi* (27 Years)

DL - Alessandro Peccarisi* (25 Years)

DC - Simon Kjaer (30 Years)

DC - Anders Kjaer* (23 Years)

ML - Fausto Rossi (29 Years)

MC - Marcio Toledo* (26 Years)

MR - Giovanni Capitani* (26 Years)

AMC - Moussa Kouakou* (26 Years)

AMC - Gregory Cabrera* (22 Years)

ST - Mario Balotelli (29 Years)

Dream TeamEdit

GK - Maurizo Setaro (590 Apps)

DR - Dani Alves (1149 Apps, 143 Goals, 622 Assists)

DL - Christian Ansaldi (622 Apps, 9 Goals, 122 Assists)

DC - Martin Caceres (2293 Apps, 297 Goals, 126 Assists)

DC - Nedum Onouha (931 Apps, 43 Goals, 48 Assists)

MR - Giovanni Capitani (1162 Apps, 105 Goals, 244 Assists)

ML - Jeremy Menez (931 Apps, 122 Goals, 213 Assists)

MC - Marcio Toledo (972 Apps, 99 Goals, 175 Assists)

AMC - Guilherme (1156 Apps, 736 Goals, 371 Assists)

AMC - Moussa Kouakou (971 Apps, 442 Goals, 488 Assists)

ST - Mario Balotelli (633 Apps, 769 Goals, 212 Assists)


Denis Gorbachev* (GK)

Matteo Longobardi* (DR)

Mats Hummels (DC/DM)

Yoann Gourcuff (AM R/C)

Carlos Vela (AM L/C, ST)

Sergio Aguero (AM/FC)

Pato (ST)