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7 November 2008 (Season 1)

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Birmingham, UK

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The south side of Birmingham has long been devoid of a professional football club (Aston Villa play north of the city and Birmingham City in the east). On 7th November 2008 Birmingham Southside Rovers were formed to fill this void. Unfortunately, the "Rovers" was omitted from the registration documents; hence the club are officially only Birmingham Southside! From the ashes of the old Rover car works, the Longbridge ArenA was built to host a football team.

Competition Edit

Birmingham Southside Rovers compete in the Casual Football Association of the FML game world Saunders, having a previously long heritage in the now defunct CWA. However, the team have never really scaled the heights of the game world and to date have peaked at the rather lowly 62nd ranked club.

The team has had more, albeit limited, success in youth football with a highest ranking of 14 and winning the CWA u19 youth cup. Many of the players who contributed to this success are currently residing in the BSR senior team and its fringes, a product of heavy investment by manager Terry Bennett in the aftermath of the infamous  "Stadiums Depression". After a break from youth competitions for a few seasons, BSR have recently recruited a fresh batch of u17 players who will hopefully be supplementing the 1st team in the future.

Players Edit

Current Squad:(formation:4-4-2)

from 27th of september 2009 (season 13)

GK Marko Stojanovic (27 years)

DL Vanderson Canela (26 years)

DC Cladio Coria (27 years)

DC Domingo Ojeda (23 years)

DR Daan Powel (27 years)

ML Angel Di María (31 years)

MC Stefan Stojanovic (23 years)

MC Andrea Russotto (31 years)

MR Mikkel Ole Iversen (22 years)

FC Tristan Plummer (30 years)

FC Ched Evans (31 years)

  • 4 of the first 11 players are academy graduates (Stojanovic,Ojeda,Stojanov & Iversen), with Bakulin,Marcelo, Hiukka & the Billaud Twins Currently pushing for a first team place.

Birmingham Southside Rovers Legends Edit

With such a modest history, it would be almost impossible to pick a complete "dream team", however some legends of the Arena are:  

Eric Bekoe - a bargain at £350k, went on to score 112 goals in 289 appearances.

Nicolas Bianchi Arce - reliable central defender, and once a current club record purchase at £1.2m. Despite never being more than well known, served BSR loyally for 10 seasons.

Kemi Augustien - Occupied the right midfield berth for many seasons.

Ariza Makukula - "The Mak" BSR's first goal scoring hero and team member at the birth of the club.