Flux Capacitor
Flux Capacitor
Flux Capacitor


Beta: GW4 Robson, Dec 2007;GW Saunders Since day 1

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CFA Premier League

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Thomas Mullan


KFC Stadium


25,689 but soon to be 30,499


Belfast, Ireland

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At the beginning Flux Capacitor deceided to buy good quality players at their peak age and in the short term it paid dividends, for the first few months the team was very rarely out of the top 5 in the world rankings, even getting to world number 1 for a month or so, but when the players got old, the team couldnt sell them so they couldnt find the money to replace them. The club dropped down the rankings.Since then Flux Capacitor done okay and have been a regular in the top 25 and winning the premiership in his fed 8 out f 9 times {even if it was the WCA!! lol} so its not all bad for the Flux Capacitor Manager; Thomas Mullan.

Flux Capacitor currently concentrating on their stadium and trying to lower their teams average age.

Achievements/Disappointments Edit

Biggest achievement for Flux Capacitor was winning the UFFA SUPER CUP in season 4

Their biggest disapointment was losing in the GOLD CUP FINAL to an AI team whose manager had already left the GW.

Tomasso Rocchi was the best player ever for Flux Capacitor, he played for my team for 10 seasons and still had a world famous rep when he was 40!

They currently have 18 football association competition wins to their name.