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IFA Premiership


1st (Season 13)




Stadium of Justice




Birkenhead, England.

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Major Beef FC is a Pluto based football club, based at The Stadium of Justice in Birkenhead, and is one of the most powaful clubs in the Universe. The club was a founding member of the Saunders Project (An evil scheme to make all football players free agents and then be signed up by random guys world wide.).

Major Beef FC are the self proclaimed best in the business, having been home to some of the best players in the world, such as, Mario Balotelli, Anderson, Freddy Adu, Micah Richards, a team that reached the top of the world rankings.

"The youth vitamin C project" Edit

After years of success the Major Beef FC King, Kyle of Pluto, decided this level of success was not good enough and he struck down upon his players with furious anger - Replacing them with expensive wonder kids. King Kyle of Birkenhead now believes all the future stars of football are at Major Beef FC.

 In season 11 rising star and juggernaut of justice, David Arnaud was sent on a 1 season transfer to long term power house Los Benditos, rumors are that on his return to the Stadium of Justice, hope will be lost to all other contenders.

The stadium of justice Edit

Well known as the biggest stadium in the world, this 110k seater is not designed for those without deep pockets. When questioned about the high pricing of tickets and the average fan expected to pay for Di Lusso seating, King Kyle of Pluto said "This club is not for goons, if you are worthy of seeing the best players in the world then you will sell drugs to afford tickets! Get out of my face!". He then threw an old mans caravan into a river.

Despite King Kyle of Birkenheads wild attacks on his own fans during games, it is clear that he has much love for the club and the fans. He was found crying with fans 1 day after a Gold Cup Final loss, screaming out "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" in pain while tattooing Purple & Gold fo life onto younger fans.


Players Edit

  Current Squad:(formation:4-1-2-2-1)

from 23th of september 2009 (season 13)

Patrick Zidane

Marcelo Romero Bonfim

Abou Kone

Albert Pardo

Oscar Andres Sanchez

Jean Carlos Martins

Edson Pacheco Ferreira



Sean McLaughlin

David Arnaud

Dream Team Edit

       David Arnaud----------------Mario Balotelli----------Freddy Adu ---------------------------


Andres Guardado------------------------Anderson------------------------------- Theo Walcott

 Marcelo Romero Bonfim-----Micah Richards------Abou Kone--------Oscar Andres Sanchez

                 ------------------------------Patrick Zidane---------------------------------------

Career as musician Edit

Beside having a active and succesfull career as Manager of Major Beef; Kyle decided to try his luck in the music scene... with his GW saunders hit; The Anderson Song. thumb|300px|right