Olympiacos C.F. Pireaus
Olympiacos C.F Pireaus


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SFA Premiership


11th (Season 12)


Angelos A


Karaiskaki Stadium




Pireaus, Greece

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They are managed by Greek manager Angelos A. and presently compete in the SFA Premiership part of The Social Football Association. As one of the founding clubs in the Gameworld Olympiacos C.F. Pireaus have a rich heritage behind them, and with 3 football association competition wins to their name they have certainly made their mark in this time. A number of quality players have represented the club over their history but it is generally agreed that current fan favourite Zdravko Kuzmanovic is the greatest player to have ever pulled on the shirt. The side have been applauded in recent times for their flamboyant approach to the game. Whilst this approach hasn't always brought huge success against the stronger sides the team are nevertheless known to be one of the most exciting teams around.

The name of the team comes from the real Greek Championships Olympiacos Pireaus (exact same name) as well as the stadium name.

The team signed Nani and this has helped the team establish a place in the top 100 for the last 2 seasons.

Youth Edit

For many seasons now, there is a youth u21 squad but the last season was not that good, since they have only 12 u21 players.

Hopefully next season, u21 squad will be formed again, since their best players came from u21 (Biondini, Chazarreta, Valle, Costantini etc)

 Players Edit

Current Squad:(formation:4-3-2-1)

from 27th of september 2009 (season 13)

GK Ferdinando Costantini (27 Years)

DL Antonio Navarro (23 Years)

DC Juan Carlos Mejia (21 Years)

DC Vujadin Savic (29 Years)

DR Peter Phillips (27 Years)

DMC Flavio Silva (23 Years)

MC Zdravko Kuzmanovic (32 Years)

MC Moussa Dembele (32 Years)

AML Nani (33 Years)

AMR Markel Susaeta (32 Years)

FC Paulo Henrique (30 Years)

Dream Team Edit

                                  Daniel Chazarreta

Nani--------------------------------------------------------------------------Markel Susaeta

          Zdravko Kuzmanovic-----------------Moussa Dembele


Soren Halfar-------Douglas Santos------------Raul Albiol---------------Peter Phillips

                               Ferdinando Costantini