Shiregreen Warriors FC
Shiregreen Warriors
"The Warriors"


Season 1

Current FA


Current League

EFA Division One


5th (Season 12)




Firth Park




Sheffield, England

Highest Senior Ranking


Highest Youth Ranking


Shiregreen Warriors FC are an established side based in Sheffield, England. They started life in beta GW2 before joining Saunders, They are managed by English manager Jo and presently compete in the Evening FA Division One, part of the Evening Football Association and currently lie in 5th position.

Shiregreen Warriors FC play their football at Firth Park in Sheffield and have an attendence of 22,265 As one of the founding clubs in the Gameworld Shiregreen Warriors FC have a rich heritage behind them, and although success has proven hard to come by they have at least lifted one football association trophy in this time. A number of quality players have represented the club over their history but it is generally agreed that German centre-back Mats Hummels was the greatest player to have ever pulled on the shirt, whilst clinical Uruguayan striker Emiliano Correa is the star of the current team. The side have been applauded in recent times for their flamboyant approach to the game. Whilst this approach hasn't always brought huge success against the stronger sides the team are nevertheless known to be one of the most exciting teams around.

Current Team Edit

GK Miguel Moya,

LB Da Costa Goore

CB Jack Rodwell

CB Jan Langer

RB Mats Persson

LM Diogo Rosado

CM Mamadi Keita

CM Emilliano Correa

RM Tony Martin

CF Danijel Aleksic

CF Javier Nieto


                           Aleksic      Vokes

Rosado           Correa                Keita               Rosenthal

Goore              Hummels           Miranda           Bober


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